Di Bruno Brothers Foldable Handout Pt. 2

Here’s the second pamphlet I created for Di Bruno Brothers cheese shop in Philadelphia. This one also highlights the Di Bruno Originals but includes Olive Oil and Pasta Sauces rather than Cheese. These are really fun to create and I’m really starting to enjoy projects that have minimal computer work and more drawing. I’ll probably complete one more of these for the meats and anti-pasta dishes that the shop offers.


Di Bruno Brothers

The Di Bruno Brothers cheese shop in Philly is freaking awesome, but all of the locations kind of have different signage and branding. They carry a variety of gourmet cheeses, pastas, and meats, while also offering their own brand of originals. I thought maybe they could do something to promote the store’s brand a little more, since the name is definitely what brings people in from near and far. I chose to do a tiny fold out booklet for the cheese section and I’ll probably end up doing one for the pasta and meat as well. I included a blown up image of the front of the booklet and an image of the the inside in its entirety.

Mini Block Prints

I’ve been wanting to get back into block printing and I’ve also been wanting to make some stuff to hang around my desk space at home. All I had at the time were some Styrofoam plates or about a 6×6 inch block of pink rubber so I thought it might be fun to make some tiny prints. I came up with a few motivational words and then I went to town carving these little guys.


The Justice Conference ’13

I recently submitted this entry to a poster design contest for the Justice Conference. The display type and the bell were drawn onto some book cloth and then scanned in so that I could add the body text. The winner will be printed on a t-shirt so I wanted to keep the distortion minimal and readability a top priority. This one might be worth a re-work at a later point, I’m thinking maybe a second style of lettering would work well for the body because there’s a little too much LHF Billhead in this thing.

Photography Logos

Yesterday I started working on a logo project with my friend Danny. We are still in the development stage so I’ve got a few more ideas to work out. He isn’t sure if he wants the hand drawn look or a more computerized feel so we are playing around with both options. I like the top center and top right but I’ll bet that he picks the film roll idea.


Vans California Collection Animations

Here’s a preview of some of the GIFs I’ve been working on for a Vans project. I’m hoping to take these further and create some kind of new branding system based on this style. The last photograph shows the vellum sheets I used to draw each of the articles of clothing and the separate sheets with lettering on them. I’m only bout 2 working days deep into this project, so I’m hoping a little bit of time will help me to develop things. I just need to think…

Etched Zippo’s



One of my favorite designers posted a few etched zippo’s a few months ago and I missed out on buying the one I really wanted. So I decided to pick up a few blanks for myself and give the etching thing a try over Christmas.