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Here’s a fun crosshatching exercise I completed over the weekend. I’m hoping to find something cool to use this for… but for right now it’s just going to be a cool print for my office.

–Over and out



TD Bank Thank You Card

I recently got to work on a project that involved lettering but was a little bit out of my comfort zone. I’ve gotten really accustomed to drawing something and just scanning it in to edit for the final piece, but this project was going for something much more clean cut. The imperfect letters and pencil lines that I’m used to needed to be smoothed out and re-traced with the pen tool. The order was for a 4″x6″ thank you card that TD Bank could give out to it’s customers after they apply for a Mortgage or HELOC. I sketched out multiple styles of lettering and attached 2 to this post. Below you’ll see the light green version of the card but the final piece ended up using a much darker green for the background.


thanksketch_blog thankyousketch2_blog


I haven’t updated this thing in a minute so I thought I’d post some concepts I’m working on for a street wear company called Velvicé. The client likes the Barbara Kruger, ONLY, Supreme kind of vibe so I knew I’d be using a heavy dose of Futura on this one. I’ve been getting a lot of really dope clients and projects to work on recently that I get to explore after hours. I wake up everyday and go to work at NBC Sports, I come home in the afternoon and immediately start making dinner so I can work get to work on freelance projects until I hit the hay. I’m hoping to post a few more projects on here in the coming days.



Relax & Have A Grape Time

Here’s another one of those fruit puns. My micron pen died right in the middle of lining this one so I tried to hide the fact that I used two different sized pens. The words relax and grape have some letters in common so I definitely wanted to see if I could successfully come up with some alternate characters like the lower case a. This fruit pun and the last one will be posted on my society6 so you can buy the illustrations on a pillow or something.


Fruit Pun

I had a few playful fruit puns left over from the Juice Truck I was working on so I decided to play around with some new ideas. I’ve been seeing a lot of illustrators use ink pens to simulate the texture of an engraving or block print so I thought I would give it a go. I experimented with putting a green halftone pattern behind each of the Pears but they started getting a little too chaotic so I left them black and white.